Dear Sleep,

Why did you ignore me last night?
I was so tired…now I’m even more tired. You do remember I work with children right? Erg, now I’m cranky and it’s all your fault…kay, maybe I’m just tired. Sorry I got so upset.
You must have got mad when I hung out with coffee last night. You do understand I have more then one friend. When did you start really getting angry? Around the sixth cup, or was it eight?
Wow…now that I wrote that…I’m sorry that I wasn’t thinking of you. I understand, nine cups of coffee at seven o’clock, not such a good idea.

I am sorry. Please forgive me.

With lots of love,

P.s. I hope to see you to night. I have a great idea for a dream we can play in. See you then…hopefully.

P.s.s Coffee will understand.


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