The Creature Named Time

Time is the greatest enemy of life. I loved to do multiple things at once that seem to never get finished. I figured out that I’m a starter, not so much a finisher. I had to find a way to balance life with hobbies and interests. Work, play, and exercise had to be intertwined with family and friends. This was next to impossible due to the time I had every day.
I have made a post about this long ago. Since then, I feel that I have grown as a writer. I know the importance that time plays in creating a strong author platform. Not that I’m good at it though. I have been trying my best to better myself.

I have now created a schedule that works for my everyday life. Of course, this is a malleable week-by-week idea. Life is always growing and changing. Time is an unpredictable creature we all play with. I hope to please you all with this new outlook.

In the past I challenged time. I went into a head-to-head battle empty handed with a head full of ideas. I’d come out beaten and broken. A waste of time is irreversible. I wish that I could build a time machine to tell my younger self, “Do well with what you have now before it slips through your fingertips.”

Time is air.
Uncatchable with bare hands.
Time is water.
Always on the move.
Time is fire.
Once burned. Never the same.
Time is Earth.
Slowly aging.

So now, I embark on a new adventure in my pursuit of a better relationship with life. I chose to pick a task, complete it, and move on. The past is what we learn from. I shouldn’t dwell on the mistakes of my younger self. I will no longer long for a time machine that will send me back to educate that self I wished to be wiser. Without those experiences, I wouldn’t have grown into the person I am today.

Dear Time,
Let us walk hand-in-hand down this road called life. To learn. To grow. To imagine the future. For only you know what lays ahead.
Always yours,
C.B. Dixon


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The Dreamer

Dear Dreams,

Thank you for all the great adventures we’ve been having lately. I especially loved the one where we fought zombies while riding on dragons back. And then that time we got lost in a haunted labyrinth was pretty epic.

I have one thing to ask of you. Please, write your stories down. I will even leave my laptop open on the bedside table so you don’t have to reach far. I can leave the word program open. It would be nice.
I only ask this because you seem to remove most of the memory of the journey we endure together. I can’t remember how they start or end. The feeling of, what a trip! Vibrates under my skin all morning.

Your Dearest Friend,
The Dreamer
C.B. Dixon

Ps. The world would love to go on the same adventures you put me on. All you have to do is write them out.

To Much of a Good a Thing

Dear Caffeine,
I write you today to say goodbye. My doctor says we can’t be together any more. I know one day you will understand. It’s not you it’s me. Don’t cry…it’s hard for me too. You’re just not good for me. Doc says that you hurt me. Please understand that as I write this I am already missing your sweet bold taste, your creamy goodness…maybe he’s wrongno C.B. snap out of it!

Caffeine you’re bad for me. I can’t stand the pain any longer. Your hot sweet energy can’t be mine any longer. It’s over. No longer will we spend the days together writing in the coffee shops or on the bus or in the mall. No longer will I keel over in pain from your corrosive essence. I wont think about you when I drive by the Tim Hortons, Second Cup , 7-11, McDonald’s, the mall…okay maybe I will No, I will stay strong. I know your thinking your strong enough to take this, and I know your strong and bold and, no! I wont let you get in my head. Goodbye Caffeine. It has to be this way.

Missing you already,
C.B. Dixon

Goodbye forever my sweet Caffeine.

To Use You Well

Dear Machine,

How are you these days? I hardly recognize you behind all the new parts you have. You seem to have made it far in this new world we live in. I remember, way back in the day, when you told me of a man that said you were nothing, just a waste of time, that you would never make it. Well my dearest friend, if that man were alive today he’d kick himself for not believing in your unique skills. Your diverse children are spread around the world in the hands, pockets, and on top of heads of people. Some are massive enough to move mountains and others tiny enough that it we need to use a distant cousin to see what that child looks like. From the wheel and axle that help the sick, the healthy, the poor, and the wealthy to the computer at my finger tips. You have family that have made it to space and have allowed us to see in to other galaxies. I always believed in you, I always will.


You’re everywhere and with everyone.

There was a promise made, and a promise broken.

You were born to aid man. Your mother and father dreamed of your future the moment they held you in their hands. What they saw was you working hand-in-hand with man to make life simple and easy so all could live stress free life, and in turn we would take care of you.

Everyday life seems to get more instant and everything seems to be now. I know you feel it too. Life hasn’t become more easy…it’s become a weight that we are crushed by. You get us place to place, connect us to one another, mend us when we’re broken, and yet we haven’t mastered you. We rely on you too much. When all the lights go out we no longer know what to do. We have lost the ability to function without you. Oh my dear friend it seems that we, mankind, have become a part of you. Take a moment. Look around. We have left our symbiotic relationship and entered into host-parasite relationship, you know who is who. What are we to do? Use our heads? Do I even know how to do that anymo…wait let me Google that. Didn’t work, let me ask Siri.

On the lighter side, I’m excited for your new child. I think Hover Board is a great name for the newest addition. I’m excited to invite her over to my place so we can play together. Her older brother Long Board is patently waiting to meet her.

You take care. Reply soon.


C.B. Dixon

P.s. Let’s go back to the beginning. Back to simple. Could we do that?

Faith Restored in Humanity

We humans can be vile creatures. It’s hard to argue with this logic. I know you’re thinking, what? You’re crazy. People say horrible about one another, to one another, and behind backs. My positive opinion of our kind as a whole has depleted over the time I have lived. We kill each other. Steal. Belittle. It has become one disgust after another. Chaos. And I know I fall in this statement too.

Now for the silver lining that shined down and brightened my view on our existence.

Mark and I were on our way to Horne Lake Caves, and we made a stop at Port Place Mall in Nanaimo, needed to buy a case that could withstand camping. We bought it and then stopped at a bench to put the case on. Mark, being the awesome man that he is, figured out how to take the Otter Box apart and trap my IPhone inside. Yay, success! Off to pick up our friend from the ferry, then the caves!

Or so we thought.

At the ferry terminal Mark couldn’t find his wallet!

We searched the car, around the car, remembered the last place he had it…Rogers in the mall…crap! Okay. Don’t panic. Try not to think of the $120.00. The Master Card. Where is it…shit I’m panicking. Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Oh man!

So I called CIBC Bank in the mall, a wonderful lady searched the bench and area. Still, no wallet. Mark and I searched the car, bags and area. The ticket man at the ferries helped by looked around the car once more for us. He told us about the lotto booth across from the bench. “Maybe someone turned it in?” He suggested with a faint smile. It was worth a shot. I searched for a number…nothing. So I called CIBC. Another woman answered, I explained, she put me on hold. Beep! Don’t panic. Beep! Breathe. Be-the ladies voice replaced the beep. She had gone to the lottery booth and asked them about the wallet. Someone handed it in! Fantastic. The wallet was in the hands of security and she called them to bring it to the bank. Amazing!

We told the ticket man we found it, but we lost our friend. While I was on the phone Mark texted our friend and he had already arrived and was in the parking lot. I looked around. We were all that was left in the parking lot. The ticket man asked what ferry he was on. Departure bay or Duke Point? Duke Point, we answered. He bit his lip and shook his head. We were at the wrong ferry. A twenty minute drive from this ferry terminal to the other ferry terminal.

We decided to pick up the wallet first, then our friend. Mark and I parked. Rushed in to CIBC Bank. Would the cash be gone? ID? Credit card? And there it was, his wallet rested on the back counter. The teller greeted us with a smile, we explained our story, she checked Marks ID to make sure he was the man he said he was…ID yes good start. She handed Mark the wallet, and he was quick to rip it open. There neatly placed in the large pocket, all of his $120.00. Everything. All of it left where it should be.

We decided to go thank the one who passed it to security and buy a lottery ticket.

Mark and I asked the woman at the till if she had found the wallet. “No. A young woman with a backpack found it on that bench,” she pointed to where mark placed it on the bench, “and gave it to me without hesitating.” The ladies smile beamed. She too was fond of what she witnessed. We thanked the woman again and then preceded to buy the biggest lotto pack she sold.

The view I stated earlier in this post…it had softened. Not only did that one thoughtful woman find our wallet and return it she lit a light close to my views and showed me how wrong I am. The team of random people that worked together to getting a stray wallet back to its owner lit more around hers to support her light. Thank you all!

To: The Woman Who Found Marks Wallet,
July 11 2014 3:00pm at Port Place Mall Nanaimo Canada

You’re a gem among stones.
Thank you so much for what you did. Mark and I were on our way to spend my birthday caving and all our camping money was right there in cash in that wallet. We had a fantastic time thanks to you. We’ve told everyone at the camp ground about what you did and how thankful we are. You’ve restored my faith in humanity, that’s not easily done, and everyone that witnesses the event unfold was blown away about how natural that kindness is to you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

C.B. Dixon

P.S You’re an amazing person.


Dear Father Time,

Dear Sweet Father Time,

Life is not a race, please slow down. You are immortal and can with stand the tick of each second, minute, hour like they don’t exist. Me, I’m chained to the clock of life, bound to my mortal body count down. I beg of you, slow down. Each day seems to speed by like a blurred sports car.
Quick blink; June’s gone.
I’m almost twenty-four although I remember laying out on my trampoline, sleeping under the vast night sky, watched the stars twinkle and the moon phase. Ten years old with dreams of the future, seems like yesterday. There’s so much yet to do and now it seems that a year is too short, when it used to feel like a life time.

Pause. Take in the moment. The bright blue ocean with its morning sun light reflecting off its smooth rippled surface, the blue mountains with their white snow caps defining the distant shore line. The call of the crow, seagull, and tiny unseen birds. Breathe in the salty air, and taste it upon your tongue.
If you could walk through life you’d enjoy it more. Slow down. Relax. Take in the beauty of life around you. Take the moments you have within each day and embrace them, you will only get that moment once.

With rushed love,


Salutations Sunshine,

Salutations Sunshine,
How was your vacation to the south? Christmas in summer…that’s insane. Then again they could think the same about me having Christmas in winter.
Boy-oh-boy I missed you this winter.

Things you missed…well my friend there wasn’t much. Rain, snow, and all around crummy weather. The east coast got it the worst. I kept them in my thoughts. Winter sure had his fun with them.

Thank you for popping in once and a while. I enjoyed your company those days. Guess this means you’re back to work.

Your heated sunbeams feel nice on my chilled skin. You chase away my shivers in a way that my heater wishes he could. Even though I’ve complained already that it’s been to hot, I am super happy your back.

Missed you more then I can express,