Live, Experence, and Accomplish

I first found my love for writing at the age of seven. Since then I haven’t been able to stop…

ImageAbove, The photo was taken of me in grade two, seven years old, learning about Japan.

Seven year old me loved a good story. Learning to create one all on my own with just my imagination and vocabulary took me to a whole new world. Kim Smith and I would spend hours… days… months on her tiny single bed. I’d tell her a funny or dark story, a blend of our childhood interest, fears, and newly formed ideas.
One day Kim suggested we write down the tale, Forever was born. Its name is real to the tale, since it still lingers under my bed unfinished. The love for writing never faded. It grew and grew. With everyday that passes I learn more and more. I can’t get enough. I love when my mistakes are pointed out, what better way is there to learn. Every moment is a experience for the next time I write, and with that I came out of the shadow of my room and decided that it was time for others to see my passion, read my love, and share the tormented secrets of my mind… Image

I find places like the above which inspire my writings and give me the itch to press my pen to my paper.

23 now, I live in Victoria BC Canada far away from all that I once knew. I was born and raised in Leduc AB Canada and only left to travel. By the time I turned seventeen I had been all over the world; England, Tunisia, Dominican, Cancun, France, Germany, and United States. None of that could prepare me for the monstrous move from all my family and friends. My family was, and still is, close and we did lots of amazing things together. The thought, how would I survive without being able to raid my moms pantry… crossed my mind many times.

With my husband, at the time he was my boyfriend, unwavering support I made it. I got a amazing job at the daycare and have now have been there for three years. Seen many new places, met many new people. Good close friends were the hardest to make. Soon I realized it was hard to find someone that was actually born on the island around my age. After a year and a bit, I met a few people and then met their friends, soon I created a great web of friends. Then everything didn’t look so grey. I noticed all the flowers and tress that I had never seen before. Bugs and birds that were new to me. They don’t have skunks here…they have racoons, sweet I had never seen one before.

Since my move I have been able to follow my dreams, live a life that is my own, and found what makes my creative side tick.

I am now turning 24 July 12 2014 and I feel that what I have accomplished over the past year with my marriage and finishing my first draft. I feel that 24 is going to be an amazing year.


ImageAbove, Mark and I going out whale watching for my 23 birthday. A great way to start of a wonderful year.


Above, a photo I took that day. This is L-41 Mega born 1977. He has a six foot dorsal fin. I had never seen a Orca before then I got to see him and his entire family. That day all three pods came together like a gigantic family reunion.


If it wasn’t for getting off the couch and moving forward to explore the world around me I don’t think I would be where I am today. With each new experience I have come to understand the only way to live is to open my eyes and look at what is around me.



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