Sit’n around!

Hunter green needles shift to a shimmer of emerald green as the light spring breeze toys with each thin branch. The broad leaves around them rustle in light melody that picks up into a swirl of tones as the invisible force gains speed. The hot beams of light warm my skin, I could seek the shade of the cedar and maple but the cozy heat melts away the ability to move.

My skin tightens as a scurry of teeny tiny feet touch my shoulder. I am visited by a black pinhead sized arachnid. My heart jumps to my throat. It’s so small, no need to fear. The tense muscles relax and the right corner of my lip turns up, just a tiny creature. I swipe it from my warmed skin and watch as it carried on its way through the grey-blue gravelled ground.

By the silver chain link fence, a Robin plucks through the wood chipped covered yard. It’s tiny beak scoops up a small wiggly treat. With a proud joy-filled flap of strong brown wings, the bird takes flight. Vanishes in the denseness of the greenery.

What do you think?

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