Do you ever get fixated on an idea? Then after you start that idea you begin to lose interest? This happens to me more often than I’d like to admit. I’m a starter…not a finisher.

Over the past two weeks, I have begun to change that. The past two weeks I’ve woke up at 5 am to get work done in the morning so I can have some relaxation time in the evenings with my husband. The posts this week were about productivity and health, and well, you guessed it, I’m fixated on the idea of becoming a better me. With that, I have started to make a few changes to my blog.

In the past, I wrote about writing and being an author, mental health and a whole wack ton of other random things. Really, this blog was a place for me to layout my weird ideas so they stopped floating around in my head. I think that I will have more set ideas a week than scattered days of random writings.

Since I wake up and hit my journal first thing I feel that my thoughts aren’t as scattered anymore. It’s been strange. I feel almost clear headed. Even though my mind is more organized I’m still fixated on the idea of health. I never really thought about health. I eat okay and I walk every morning, but it never really occurred to me that I should watch what I’m doing to my body. Not only my body but my mind as well.

When I get into these fixated fits I tend to over think things, research until I’m bored, or start huge projects that get in the way of what I truly want to be accomplished. The thing with this fixation is that it’s walking hand-in-hand with my goals. It’s making me set goals that are reachable. It’s given me more time in the day to accomplish those goals, and it’s given me the energy to complete them.

I think the last time I fixated this much on something was the adoption. I watched every vlog I could find on YouTube. I read blogs and books. I reached out to everyone I knew that had an adoption story to tell. It was good for me to learn about what my life is going to be like after the adoption. But, it was sporadic and had no time limit. I would be up until the wee hours of the mornings. I would skip meals. The house got a touch messy. I was in deep.

This new fixation has given me a time and a place for everything. My bedtime is set. I go to bed at 10 pm so I can have a fresh start in the morning. I eat my meals so I can have the energy for the days work. It’s been truly amazing. I hope that with all the knowledge I have gained over these two weeks I can have the right mind to keep working on ways to be better. And, know what’s working so I don’t change it.

I know I can’t be the only one that fixates on things. Do you? What is the last thing you remember being fixated on? Did it help improve your life for the better?


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Audiobooks and Novels

Welcome to my first Random Fridays. It’s going to be a fun little blurb about my different experiences all book-related! I’m excited to get this rolling.

Audiobooks and Novels
I’ve done a blog post about how I fell in love with audiobooks a while ago. This post is going to be the pros and cons I have found with both. I love reading in all types of forms whether it’s reading the newspaper, blog, or book to listening to people read to me. Peoples abilities always amaze me.



  • I can listen to a story while I clean the house, garden, shower, or drive. The hands-free experience makes chores and other tasks more enjoyable.
  • The reader can pronounce the names, sometimes, and words I would have struggled with. This makes the story music to my ears.
  • If the reader can switch between the characters voices the story becomes more real.


  • If I’m laying in bed I fall asleep…the story continues.
  • Sometimes the story is captivating but the reader is meh… There are audiobook readers out there with voices I can’t stand.
  • People don’t know your listening to a great story…and they start a conversation.



  • The physical copy! Oh, the smell… the weight! Nothing beats holding a book! I can also admire the beauty of the cover.
  • Being able to read the words in written form helps me learn new words and grammar that I might not experience elsewhere.
  • When I fall asleep I can wake up to continue where I left off.
    People fall asleep during movies, I fall asleep reading. It happens, kay…


  • While reading for a long stretch of time my arms hands sometimes get tired. The dreaded needle pricks in my fingertips.
  • Life seems to always find a way to keep me from sitting on the couch to enjoy a good reading session.
  • People don’t understand that when I have a book in my hands I don’t want to talk. Readers aren’t bored! They want to read! Come on people!
    I can’t be the only one that thinks this way…

These are some fun things that I’ve put together. I would love to hear what your list is for either audiobooks or/and novels. I read dark fiction and fantasy if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments. I would love to find a new audiobook where the reader has a unique voice.

Wicked Soul Ascension 
Want a read that will get your heart pumping?
Available in print and eBook.