Nasty Thought. Blessed Karma.

Karma at work:
In line at Tim Hortons to get my coffee, I noticed a elderly woman rummaging through her purse. Her scrunched face and silent curses told me something was up. I walked over and asked if I could help. She had lost her winning coffee rim (a free coffee) in the disaster of her bag. I told her she could find it later, I’d buy her a coffee. She refused. The Tim’s worker called me to the till. I moved forward and called the woman over to join me, I’d ease her pain by giving her a free coffee. It was at that moment she found her winning rim. The woman then walked to the till to order her coffee along side mine. To my surprise she bought me my coffee.

Actions speak louder then words!

When I offered to buy the lady the coffee it wasn’t without great thought. I am short on money now that I’ve paid my editor and I wondered if I could spare the extra bit of cash. I bit my tongue at the thought. I could afford the extra $1.95. If I was really that hurt for cash I wouldn’t be in line about to buy a coffee for myself. I became disgusted by my thoughts. I could buy her a coffee, it would make this person who is obviously upset happy. I let my good intentions take wing. Look what happened when I did. Karma rewarded the actions I had taken. It’s easy to close ourselves off to those around us even when they are right there in front us suffering.

Actions are remembered, no matter how small.

The woman and I walked away with smiles on our faces and a higher respect for the strangers we pass by each day.

Have a great day!


To Use You Well

Dear Machine,

How are you these days? I hardly recognize you behind all the new parts you have. You seem to have made it far in this new world we live in. I remember, way back in the day, when you told me of a man that said you were nothing, just a waste of time, that you would never make it. Well my dearest friend, if that man were alive today he’d kick himself for not believing in your unique skills. Your diverse children are spread around the world in the hands, pockets, and on top of heads of people. Some are massive enough to move mountains and others tiny enough that it we need to use a distant cousin to see what that child looks like. From the wheel and axle that help the sick, the healthy, the poor, and the wealthy to the computer at my finger tips. You have family that have made it to space and have allowed us to see in to other galaxies. I always believed in you, I always will.


You’re everywhere and with everyone.

There was a promise made, and a promise broken.

You were born to aid man. Your mother and father dreamed of your future the moment they held you in their hands. What they saw was you working hand-in-hand with man to make life simple and easy so all could live stress free life, and in turn we would take care of you.

Everyday life seems to get more instant and everything seems to be now. I know you feel it too. Life hasn’t become more easy…it’s become a weight that we are crushed by. You get us place to place, connect us to one another, mend us when we’re broken, and yet we haven’t mastered you. We rely on you too much. When all the lights go out we no longer know what to do. We have lost the ability to function without you. Oh my dear friend it seems that we, mankind, have become a part of you. Take a moment. Look around. We have left our symbiotic relationship and entered into host-parasite relationship, you know who is who. What are we to do? Use our heads? Do I even know how to do that anymo…wait let me Google that. Didn’t work, let me ask Siri.

On the lighter side, I’m excited for your new child. I think Hover Board is a great name for the newest addition. I’m excited to invite her over to my place so we can play together. Her older brother Long Board is patently waiting to meet her.

You take care. Reply soon.


C.B. Dixon

P.s. Let’s go back to the beginning. Back to simple. Could we do that?

Impulse Gone Pro

Have you ever experienced an impulse?

You’ve had to buy that object or eat that sweet or make your move? I’m going to talk about impulsive buying.

I am what people call impulsive. Once something is in my head I can’t get it out. It mostly comes when I want to buy something. If there is an object that I want, it begins to scratch at the inside of my skull and eat away all rational thought. There’s no thought about how much money I have or if I need that thing, I must have it and I need it now.

Well I have a solution to this problem. Yes. And it’s easy. Barricade all funds behind a solid wall and then don’t think about it…yeah right. The answer isn’t easy. I’ve been struggling with my obsessive impulse buys since I got my first allowance. For anyone that has experienced the thought of ‘I must have this!’ is one of the hardest to push away. There is no ‘why’, there is no ‘can I afford it?’ It’s all now and only now.
I will share you what I have done that has helped me. I’m not going to tell you it’s the perfect answer because perfect is an unrealistic word that no one can live up to. This is the path I find the easiest.

First I will explain what I buy. Gadgets. I buy all kinds of technology, from Gameboys to computers. It all started with the first Gameboy, then the Gameboy colour, then the Sony Playstation…it spiralled till I had bought all of it. I never kept the predecessor. I gave them away for free to friends that wanted them or to someone who would use it. Normally I would use it until I bought the next thing. Sometimes I’d buy it, play it for a day, then ditch it to the side. Game systems I used for a day or two before I beae bored and picked up and picked a book.

Now I am about to break my own self destruction.

We don’t need these things to survive. Wants and needs are to separate things. I went about creating a list of things that I want and then circled the things I needed out of the list. One was a MacBook Pro but I already had a Gateway desktop computer that I never used so why would I need another computer. I wrote myself a note on why I would need to have a MacBook. After six pages I decided that if I would like to enhance my writing career then I would need to evolve from my iPad 3 and get an actual computer that would sync with my iPad. There are two novels written on my iPad plus all my author info, my blog posts, every detail of my writing life was on the iPad. I needed consistency that my PC couldn’t give me. Beyond that, I needed a bigger screen, storage space, a web browser that showed me more then the mobile site, and it had to be portable (this being one of the multiple reasons I didn’t use my desktop). I then talked to my husband for his advice. He always gives me his honest opinion. He doesn’t say a blank yes or no, he gives me pros and cons of his answer. Mark told me that I was right. I needed a real computer, not just a tablet, to cary on with my writing.

I went out and found myself a deal. I bought the MacBook Pro with retina display.

People told me, ‘once you go Mac, you never go back.’
Now I tell my friends the same. It has done what I planned it to do. I write more often and am no longer frustrated with my little iPad screen. I can use full webpages and have access to a wider selection of apps. Numbers and Pages come with the Mac computers and I have used them to their full extent, I’ve only had my Mac for three days.

With all that said I will go back to the impulse buy thing. Notice how I wrote out pros and cons of what I would use the computer for? The list worked. It won’t be done if you go and buy candy or make up or a bag of chips. This is what I do when I go out and buy something that costs more than fifty dollars. That’s a week of groceries. I consulted someone who I knew would give me an honest outlook on what I wanted and thought I needed. With the cost of living on a constant increase and wages at a standstill, impulsive buys can be devastating. Once your locked into a payment plan there are penalties when you back out of them.

Ask yourself, ‘do I need it or do I want it?’

People watching

Everyday People.

Smells of rich caffeine and baked sweets fuel the buzz. The click of the keyboard keeps in time with the blare of the music in my ear buds. A grey haired woman sits beside the chilled window fixed to the yellowed pages of her book. The misty air on the other side of the glass moistened the outside world. A man in a puffy black jacket pushed the door open for a woman with a small child in her arms. A smile and nod is all that was needed. The child eyed his mother with sparked curiosity. 

Two woman raised from their chairs. Their conversation was to exciting to break although the one in a loose black shall inches toward the door. Smiles and laughs, in-between tight hugs. The woman breaks away with her head turned and eyes locked to her friend. They blows a kiss and waves good-bye before she dashed through the misty air.

People watching. Have you ever experienced it? Have you seen someone people watching you? I have.

I people watch. I don’t know if it’s something that a writer does naturally or if it’s the way I am. I could be deep in thought or stuck on a scene or when I’m with friends. I can be deep into my story and then I hear a strange comment that I didn’t expect and find myself watching those around me. The above blurb was me watching what happens around me as I write. I never tried to write what I see in a room full of people. To be honest it makes me a little nervous.

What if someone noticed what I was doing?

Still, my little blurb that I started with made me release how helpful it can be to boost ones writing. Countless things had happened that I couldn’t capture because I tried to think of the right word to use or asked myself did I capture that right? If I would have written, without thought, just my fingers and eyes in tune with one another the scene would have had a different feel.

People watching as a writer can be used to enhance the manuscript. 

This is my own opinion. A tool that I have released after a while of dwelling on the distractions around me while I wrote. A child may laugh or an argument erupts, chairs fly and eyes dart around. Whatever it maybe, people’s actions give way to ideas, and with those ideas characters gain personalities.

And this is my little coffee shop thought. Thank you for stepping into my mind for a moment.

Have a wonderful day.

Enter the New Year

I enter into the new year with high expectations for my future. In the past, no matter what my New Years resolution was, it seemed to get lost around March. Every year, the same thing. Well 2015 is going to be different. I am going to complete my New Years resolution. There is no might or attempt or even try! I will. You can hold me to it.

This year I am going to get my book Wicked Soul Ascension published.

So far I’m off to a good start. I have a completed manuscript that is ready for an editor.

With my manuscript in hand, I found an editor that was interested in my book. Her name, Ann Westlake. She is one of the most helpful people I’ve come across. Over a two hour phone call her and I talked about the craft of creating a novel. Ann had great ideas above and beyond editing and writing. With her help she made it possible for me to afford the costs of publication.

After I talked to Ann I knew that it was time for me to get a publishing name. I got my business licences and registered Hidden Words Publishing as my publishing company. I was actually about to accomplish a life long dream.

/ home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/77c/64801722/files/2015/01/img_3308.jpg

(Fox art by Christine White)

In November I took on the NaNoWriMo challenge for the first time. For those that don’t know what that is, NaNoWriMo is a writing challenge to complete 50,000 words in 30 days. Everyday as I worked on the challenge I would walk by a charcoal drawing of a fox that hangs on my wall. A beautiful work of art. Edgy and sinister. Around the end of November I began thinking, cover, cover, cover. Wicked needed an image. I called up Christine White, the artist of the fox I admire, and pitched the idea of her as my cover artist. She accepted and was thrilled to take on the challenge. I went to her studio and we talked for hours about the cover. As I spoke she doodled, took notes and asked in depth questions. I was pleased by how serous she took me. Her work is magical and I know she will aply that magic into the cover of Wicked.


Iryna Spica then found her way into my life. Her passion for transforming a story document into a beautiful book caught my attention. The way she talked about covers, spines, margins, fonts, and paper made me want to see a book through her eyes. She had many great inspirational ideas that let me see my manuscript as a novel. Iryna and I will put the word document, cover art, and text together to create a beautiful novel that you can hold in your hands or put on your ereader.

I am ready to take the new year head on.
2015 I’m ready for you.


I’ve been working a lot of hours to get WICKED out into the world. It’s been taking up all of my time. Even though I have finished writing the manuscript there is much, much, more to do. More then I could have ever imagined. Lucky for me I have time. A whole years worth of time. Before the end of 2015 I want to have Wicked book one of the Soul Ascension trilogy on your beautiful bookshelf. Until that time comes I still have to get my manuscript to my wonderful editor so she can whip it into shape. While it’s at grammar boot camp I will be meeting with my book designer and cover art illustrator to give my story the final touches before it returns from the editors wonderland.

While I wait for the remaining dollars to trickle in, I have been working on my website…it still isn’t ready to emerge from the corner of the room but soon. I have a few final touches to add.

What do you love about your favourite authors website?

Near the End…

It’s almost the end of NaNoWriMo, it’s a scary thought. I’ve discovered many important things over the past few weeks that I will carry with me into the future.

Lesson 1: Distractions can happen anytime, anywhere.
-Whether your at home, a coffee shop, in your car, in a small box out back, you can be swept away by the simplest of things. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I have learnt from many from my distractions and sometimes I just needed a break from the scene. It resets the thought process. The down side is the words won’t write themselves.

Lesson 2: The creative block.
-When writers block happens and there seems to be no way over the wall, keep writing. You can always go back and delete what you’ve written or change it. I’ve surprised myself countless times after these moments.

Lesson 3: The force.
-Don’t force the story to go where it doesn’t want to go. I tried to and ended up deleting two hours of hard work because I wasn’t listening to what the story was telling me. I wanted the character to help my protagonist and the story wanted that character to die. Killing him off was way easier, it gave the story flow that I couldn’t force no matter how hard I tried.

Lesson 4: Write.
-Write, write, write. Take a pee break then write some more. When I gave myself more time to write, the story was given a steady flow over longer periods of time. If I had to stop in the middle of a scene due to having to work, sleep, eat, or drive someone somewhere, I found that scene to be choppy. The times I was able to write hours on end my scenes became crystal clear and my characters personalities blossomed.

Lesson 4: Get down with it.
Get it down. All those ideas that your brian tosses at you spiral all over the place. Some times your scenes feel like they are mismatched. That’s okay. Knife it later. I already know I want to do a scene shuffle in December. A character comes in out of nowhere will be given a fresh start later and an object that gained importance could be hinted at earlier in the story line.

Lesson 5: 50,000 words.
-One month can equal out to 50,000 words. At first I was nervous I would never accomplish this goal. With only 3,000 more words to go I understand that it is possible.

Well that’s all for today. Time to get back to my manuscript and plug in my tunes to drown out many distractions.


Eye Contact

“How does Taz know to make eye contact?” my husband Mark asked me after talking to our cat Taz.

If you have a pet or went to a friends house that has a pet you may have noticed that cats, dogs, and even birds make eye contact when you call their name. Mark and I talk to our kitties often as if they were fuzzy little people that understand our every word. So I took the question outside of our home and into the world of other animals.
Today I went to the pet store to get our class geckos their yummy crickets. While I waited I talked to the cockatiel that was singing on its cage. The instant it noticed I was talking to it the bird tilted its head and looked it’s one beady eye into mine. I didn’t use a name or nick name, just talked about its cage, food, toys and other things that the bird had around it.

My question for you is the same my husband gave to me.
How do animals know to make eye contact?

Could it be a universal communication that all animals understand?


I write. I become. I experience.

Why do I love writing?

The joy and relief I get when I crunch a few thousand words into my keyboard is much like when a Martial Artist gets after beating a bag of sand. When I enter my hidden world I get to open myself up to many new opportunities that I have never experienced. Yes, I don’t build the muscles although the stimulation I receive is real.

Have you ever wanted to fly on a dragons back while being chased by crazed witches? Have you ever wanted to breath underwater? I know I have, among many, many, many other things.
While my mind rapid fires ideas at my fingers my story unfolds, and in those moments I become whatever I want, when ever I want.
That is why I love to write.
Fighting demons. Meeting Gods. Nothing is impossible. All is possible.

Write. Write. Write.

Happy NaNoWriMo to all my writing friends.
Keep up the great work!


The gentle raindrops splash against the trees and soil, a magical song my soul sings too.

When I stand in the rain under a vast canopy of trees I can’t help my close my eyes and listen to what the world around me has to say. The longer I stand and listen with an open heart the more at peace I become. The melody of the rain patting the trees, logs, shrubs and puddles in the soil, wash away the stresses of everyday life.IMG_2530.JPG

Want to get a signed copy?

Get a signed first print of my new novel coming out in 2015.

I have now written my first novel! Now all that is needed is donations to get the ball rolling.

How to get your signed first print copy.

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Bus Note.

I stood and waited for the bus downtown Victoria while I listen to Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. I realized that no one knows what I’m giggling about while Tweetledee and Tweetledum go on about their nonsense.

Bundled up, protected from the heavy shower, people with their eyes cast down seem to be as glum as the grey sky. Here I am laughing under the lip of a roof to keep my sweater dry. An angry woman begins to beat a old pop can discarded in the parking lot of the nearest store. Yet I giggle as the Walrus and the Carpenter argue over their meal.

The bus rolled up to the curb and beaconed me out of the rain. The sound of the patter of rain against cement was drowned out by the rumble of the engine. I loaded the bus as Alice cried. Poor silly girl. I crammed my legs into the tight space between the seats.

Alice dressed the Tweetle brothers for battle as I observed the people on the bus. A drip of water landed on the woman in front of me, angered she slipped into the seat beside her. I eyed the underside of the advertisements. At each joint water collected and then dripped at each jump of the bus.

The white queen’s scream drew my attention back to the story and back to the world outside the window. My small white house came to view. I pulled the yellow cord at my ear. And there my bus journey came to an end.

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