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Want to get a signed copy?

Get a signed first print of my new novel coming out in 2015. I have now written my first novel! Now all that is needed is donations to get the ball rolling. How to get your signed first print copy. The first 100 people… Continue Reading “Want to get a signed copy?”

Bus Note.

I stood and waited for the bus downtown Victoria while I listen to Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. I realized that no one knows what I’m giggling about while Tweetledee and Tweetledum go on about their nonsense. Bundled up, protected from the… Continue Reading “Bus Note.”

To School or Not To School?

In a way I’m still a wanna-be author. I have a manuscript that is yet to be professionally edited. It screams and begs to go to the story spa. My manuscript has even picked out the package it desires. And like any parent without… Continue Reading “To School or Not To School?”

Stones of Life

Life is a balancing act between many stones of life. We each pick and choose each stone from a sea of rocks and test it by placing the stone with respect and tender care. Think of each stone you place as friends, family, career,… Continue Reading “Stones of Life”

Faith Restored in Humanity

We humans can be vile creatures. It’s hard to argue with this logic. I know you’re thinking, what? You’re crazy. People say horrible about one another, to one another, and behind backs. My positive opinion of our kind as a whole has depleted over… Continue Reading “Faith Restored in Humanity”

Dear Steering Wheel,

Dear Steering Wheel, Whenever I need you, you’re there. Whenever I sing to you, you never complain. And whenever I need someone to listen, you never interrupt. You’re a wonderful friend, thank you. Steering Wheel, you’ve never let me down in my time of… Continue Reading “Dear Steering Wheel,”

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