My Tech-Eco Life

Alongside my financial goals, I have been thinking about my eco-footprint. I have thought about these things over many years. I have always enjoyed bringing my love of tech to helping the natural world. I have been using Ecosia for a while now and love it. I have added a link below to a great video that gives great insight to the question, Is Ecosia legit? I am always interested in making the things I use work for me. Whether it is me building points over using shopping apps or using a search engine that takes something that I use often to plant trees. I also use an app called Forest that I can use points to plant real trees. I use that app as a timer for my tasks to keep me focused. It helps my ADHD mind. I can look down and, oh yeah, ten more minutes then I can move on.

The human mind can be an inventive master. We can create things that both destroy and create. We are also thinking of wonderful ways to fix our mistakes. It’s going to take each one of us to do something for things to change. Slowly, oh so very slowly, we have been putting our heads together. So I will continue to use the apps that have the added eco bonus. I do wish to find more. I do love technology in my life, I know kind of counterproductive, I do tend to buy used or I buy generation knew. The reason for the new is due to my usage of tech. I use it until I can no longer use it. My last laptop couldn’t be used or resold due to the fact… the updates took up more room on the computer than space allowed. And that is after a factory reset! Yeah, she is old. Currently, it’s a house radio.  If the laptop does web searches and plays Spotify, it will have a spot in this house.

Apps are interesting to me. I am still skeptical about Forest. It lets you plant 5 real-world trees. It is partnered with Trees for the Future. This partner has a platinum seal of transparency along with other badges of legitimacy. I will use this app until I plant my 5 real trees. Then if I find another app that I get the same type of benefits I will make the switch. For now, this one is beautiful, easy, and perfect for what I am looking for in a productivity timer.

These are two simple ways I have been putting my tech to work for me. I get trees planted for things that I already use. I am simplifying my life, so I am using what I have, and I use it until it is unusable. I buy used, recycle, and when I buy new, I buy it in a way that it will last me until the end of its life. I have also been trying to use my laptop over notebooks. I love the scratch of a pen, I love the crackle of a new spine, but notebooks and novels have been contributing to the ‘stuff pandemic.’ I won’t stop buying novels. Especially from an author, I love or personally know. These novels I buy are always passed on to the next reader with a note to tell that person to pass it on. This way local, friends or small-time authors get seen by other readers for free. My hope is that the person who read it and liked it will buy the book from the author in turn. This is all small-scale thoughts and actions. It makes a huge impact if you think of it this way; 2 dollars adds up if you spend it daily. It’s a small, very small, way I can help. I do love that I barely even noticed the change.

Do you have any eco apps that you use? Do you use Ecosia or Forest?
I would love to learn more about things that are out there I can use to help better the future. Let me know in the comments what you or your friend uses. I am always open to learning something new.

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