Clutter Everywhere I Look

Have you ever opened a drawer and grimaced? A thought might have gone like this, “I will deal with this later.” You grabbed what you needed after 5 or so minutes of sifting through junk. The drawer is then closed and forgotten. That is until you need something else, and you think, “hm, it might be in there…”

I do this often. Far too often. And it’s not just with a drawer. My phone is loaded with apps. My Spotify with random music and playlists. Even my Facebook has people that I said, “Hey, we should hang out next time I am in town.” And, then I never do.”

Clutter is everywhere in our lives. Even in the places, we don’t consider. I know that my Spotify is full of songs, playlists, and randomness that I do not enjoy. Over the past week or so I have been listening to playlists and new music to spruce up my music. I love Spotify over other music apps due to its diversity. Even though I … well, I am not so musically diverse. I like my 90’s one-hit wonders. The nostalgic Big Shiny Tunes just hit me in the old-time feels.

I am going to go into my Spotify right now and delete playlists and artists. I will set a timer to see how long it takes me to do. This will not include songs.

Timer On!

30 minutes later I have deleted over half of my playlists and merged three tiny playlists into the others. Some of the playlists only had one song. A lot of it was thrown together due to being out on the run listening to a new song I needed to place somewhere but was unsure of where it fits. So, hypothetically, I threw it into a drawer and forgot about it.

Isn’t that how it goes with many things we bring into our lives. We go shopping and get something we think we need, just to find it years later without using it once. Life is so much like that it hurts. We get all these bobbles and whatchamacallits just to stash them away in someplace never to be remembered again. Life is full of these cluttered spaces.

Clearing the clutter.

I am on the journey to save money. I want to build a savings account that 70-year-old me will be proud of and happy with. One that I can live a decent life on. With that, I am looking at the space around me. What do I spend the most money on? Do I need these things? Most importantly, are they taking up my time? I do want to get my writing to be taking up my free time. That precious time I get to myself when my son is asleep. I see knickknacks and decor things that I like-ish. The answer, ‘yes!’ I can live without it and it’s taking up my time. I do have to clean it, dust it, or use a special cleaner on it. On to Facebook Market Place, it goes. With the title ‘Give me an offer!’ That line has made me more money than I thought it was worth. I was going to put it up for $2 but you offer me $5. Thank you so much! You are helping me move forward with my goal of debt-free, savings, emergency funds! To the person who bought anything from me, I wish you happiness and a fulfilled life. Now not only do I have five dollars more to go, but I also no longer have that item taking up time and space. On top of that, it didn’t go to the landfill. It has a new life where it will be loved. Feeding into my new eco-lifestyle. Wonderful. Did it take time to sell that item? Yes. Did I hate every minute of it? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes.  In the past few months, I have made two hundred dollars. I have emptied our kitchen and closets. When the warmer months come, I will tackle the huge project of the storage unit. Another place that is gobbling up money. I most likely will do a whole post on why I will be keeping the unit. Yet, I will be cleaning most of it out.

Off to the thrift store!

I post things for a while before it makes their way to the thrift store. I have noticed a decline in quality things at our thrift store since Facebook opened Market Place. I go on the rule; If it doesn’t sell in a week. Then it was meant to help the thrift store. I drop off at the thrift store that gives back to the hospital or women’s shelters. Doing my best to keep the money here in town to help the local people and the economy. Along with decluttering, I have been trying to keep my mind close to home. Help close to home first and then outwards.

This all seems like such a task. Going in and finding each item that means something to our home. We have so many things that it’s hard to tell what has been used and what needs to move on. This belief has made its way into my shopping. I will only buy the items I know I need and not buy them because I think I need them. This has helped me build my finances up. It’s strange. Because before, $2 coffee seemed like nothing last year. I would buy the smallest coffee and get a free refill over buying one that I could drink through the whole time sitting at the shop. Now I think about how that $2 could be spent on something else.

This new mindset of what comes into our home has freed up much of my time for other things. The next thing I wish to clean up is links to the first post I made. I have to clean up my social media. I will think about what I use and delete what is no longer worthy of my time. Sorry, Facebook but you and I have an unhealthy relationship. Other arrangements might have to be made.

Thank you for reading all of this. I hope that you all are doing well and thinking about your time and money a little differently. It’s been interesting to be in a healthier relationship with my life. Thinking about myself as a person like I would a friend or family member. Before I always put myself last. Lately, I have been feeling less stressed about life, my home, and the experiences I encounter. I hope you all have a wonderful evening. See you next time.

This is all from my own experience and opinion I am not offering any professional advice.

2 Comments on “Clutter Everywhere I Look

  1. My friends and I both stopped making impulsive purchases and buying things just because they were “on sale”. Now that I’m focused on being financially stable and on my own, having tons of things doesnt matter much to me anymore. Finding unworn items with fresh tags, would always make me upset, because I could have spent that money more wisely.

    • I haven’t found clothes with tags on them. I am bad for buying kitchen things and stationary. I can’t resist a cute notebook or pen. I have done a good job at avoiding the stationary store lately. Using my digital writing tools has been a huge help.

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