First Ever No Buy Year 2022

I am a mindless spender and yet an over-thinker spender. It really comes down to two problems; I like to shop and I love to be frugal. It’s been a huge problem for me for many years. I get this thought in my head that I have to have something. This thought becomes over powering to the point where it almost hurts. Then I get this grandiose excuse that leads me to buy whatever it is I want.

As I was scouring YouTube one day I came across these No Buy Year videos. In short the person cuts the nonessential and keeps all the fixed expenses such as rent and hydro bills. Things like food and gas get limited to a comfortable living. A budget is created to be followed religiously.

This seemed to be the perfect kick in the ass I needed to finally get a handle on my mindless spending. I know that mistakes are going to happen. I also might have to readjust my budget to fit my ever changing life. I want to do this as a habit breaker. When Covid hit in March 2020 I didn’t spend a cent on things that were nonessential. I know that it is possible. I can still have a wonderful productive life without all the extra random shit that I only use a few times. I get this thought in my head that this magical item will fix all my problems. It will help me be more productive and I will finally get all the things done that I needed too! And yet I find that item years later wondering how it came to be in my home.

Here are my rule for my first ever No Buy Year:

1. Buy essentials; food, gas, bills, needed items for son as he grows.

2. Medical trips; housing, food, and other essentials that correspond with the trip.

3. Medical; physical, vitamins, and medication can be bought within reason.

4. Use what I have first before getting a refill.

5. Repairs on the house or car will come; Keeping things up to date and healthy.

6. Budget. Budget. Budget! Track everything.

7. Manage subscriptions. Get rid of the ones that I no longer use. Don’t get anymore.

8. Give monthly allowance for clothing and outings.

9. Money from things sold will be put into the allowance for the month.

10. Reflect every month about the month. Learn from mistakes and celebrate successes.

It is a simple list of rules that I can work my first year around. If I do decide to do this another year I will use this list as a blueprint. I will also have my reflections to help guide me into my next month, next quarter, and even my next year. I am hoping with fewer things added to my life I will be able to focus more on what I already have. I have so much stuff. There is no reason for me to need or want anything extra.

I go more into this in my YouTube video; First No Buy Rules.

Have you ever attempted or heard of a No Buy Year?
What are your thoughts about only spending on the essentials?

What do you think?

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