Taught to Save By a Cat

Over the past two years, I have been writing things that didn’t feed the masses. I wrote silent notes in my journal as I tried to find a place in my heart to write without my Taz. She was always at my side when I worked on any type of craft. It not a page would not be written without the sound of her purr or the screen being pushed down by her teeth as she gnawed the corner of the screen. Her actions would be heart-wrenching adorable and other times painfully irritating. I loved that fuzzy furball. She was the best writing partner a girl could ever ask for. In photos on my Instagram, she could be seen being a great distraction with her solid personality and spirit. Her markings were ever-changing with the seasons; in the fall she would even get more orange as Halloween rolled near.

A story that caused me extreme pain. A small action by Taz almost killed Wicked Soul Ascension.

The manuscript was near its complete. The editor sat in wait as I did one last read-through before the story would be read for the first time by a professional. Taz rounded the computer being her mischievous self. She pur-meowed at me twice before pouncing all over the computer hitting the ctrl-A sequence… along with an extreme number of letters following before I scooped her heavy butt off the keys. I wondered if I could hit ctrl – Z enough times to get it back. The page was half-filled with the letter D along with a random assortment of other characters. My heart stopped. Beads formed on the lids of my eyes and were smudged into my glasses as a huge furry head bashed into them. Taz rubbed her head down my face as somersaulted down my chest, her tail smacked me in my face as she pur-meowed again.

See that human? Do you see all the help I helped? I did a good job. I know I helped. Look you stopped moving I did such a good job. Here has a head hug. Thwap! You’re such a good human.

Let me tell you. The simple way did not bring back the book. I had to go from my last save point and reread everything that I had put together. She taught me the importance of a great save. I also now have three backup files to one finished book that I rotate through just in case a mistake like that happens.
Thank you, Taz, for such a wonderful lesson.

You are forever missed.
Taz passed away at the age of 18 in 2020.

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