Reading List?

We’re halfway through the year in one more week… have you hit that stack of books that’s sitting over there begging to be read?

My reading list hit the back burner. I added so many more books over the lat few months that it’s become a daunting mountain of monsters. I’m hope to dig in without adding to the heap. My birthday is coming up…that means a bookstore gift card might make it’s way over to me. If that happens then I will have no choice but to add more. Oh the life!

I have found a new fascination in books about organization. I can’t recall when it happened this year but I have taken a break from the fantasy world and dove in to the nonfiction side of the bookstore. The shift was strange. I did have a challenging time trying to rad the first book because it wasn’t an epic battle or solving a mystery. The books were factual with a bit of dry humour thrown in to spice up the words, like taking a bite out of a day old biscuit that sat out on the counter. It’s good in a hard stale way…

The second book was dry… better, but still stale. It took me back to the days of school where my teacher would tell us to read the textbook ahead twenty page. The information was educating but lacked that exciting thrill of adventure.

Cue the amazing audiobooks. I truly believe that this is the future on nonfiction books for me. I will be able to soak in the information as well as get my chores done. I find keeping my hands busy helps me take in the knowledge of the author. My focus is heightened to the words that flow from the page into my ears, enlightening my mind.

What are your preferences in books, learning new tasks, and ways of reading?
Let me know in the comments.

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