5 Things to do When You’ve Lost Your Groove

Ever feel like a snail going uphill on a hot day?
I’m sure every person that’s ever had to get something done has felt this way. I’ve been editing Mortal Soal Ascension all week. It was going great until today happened. I’m sure I’ve filled my coffee cup up everytime I’ve had a sip. I’ll stare at the page to edit out all those annoying mistakes… And, all I see is black and white. I can no longer see the words. I’m sure I fried my brain.

I know I’m not the only one to hit a brick wall. It comes to us all in an unexpected slap in the face. I wanted to share a few things I do to get my brain back into the groove.

  1. Take a Walk.
    The fresh air seems to stimulate my mind with new ideas. The exercise gets the blood pumping that wakes me up. Sometimes it’s that break from the house that gets things rolling again. If I’ve locked myself up in the studio/office day after day my mind goes stale. With a nice refreshing walk away I don’t feel so cooped up.
  2. Work on Something Else.
    For me right now I am working on this blog post. I have been doing the same thing over and over. Correcting grammar and rewording sentences. I have to admit it’s not my favourite part about writing. I love creating. Like I’m doing with this post. A fresh screen that gets manipulated by my voice. It’s hard to beat that feeling. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh start of another project that makes the more undesirable parts worth it. If your an artist or halfway through an assignment for school or work then take a break, work on another project you’ve put to the side. You might just find the inspiration to continue, plus you’re getting something else done.
  3. Read.
    I read. The mental break is a blessing. Plus, it helps me with creating my sentence structure, grammar, and gives me new words. It’s like studying without the textbook. I set a limit to how many chapters, or a time that I will finish by. I know working at home can sometimes get carried away. When you go to a job breaks are scheduled. There you get a coffee, a snack, and maybe a conversation or two. At home, these fifteen-minute breaks are forgotten. We need to remember that these are important to keep our mind from becoming overworked.
  4. Shower.
    I know. This one is a touch weird. Give me a moment to explain. In the morning I make my coffee, grab an apple, and sit at the computer… before I know it, it’s 3 o’clock. By this time I’m hungry and mostly brain dead. I’ll have a quick shower. The fresh feeling of water perks me right up. I’ll make lunch to move around, getting that blood pumping. Fed and fresh, the project has become something more alive.
  5. Stare at the Project.
    This is the least favourite. This is the one I do when I know I’ve made up one to many excuses to walk away. You’d be surprised how well it works. We have to admit to ourselves that we are not inspired every hour of every day. Life doesn’t work like that. We need to schedule in time for our craft. It’s one of those things we need to do or it will never get done. Push through the lack of inspiration. Quit the negative thoughts and work through it. Remind yourself that it’s part of the job. We are stronger in our craft when we find the strength to overcome these moments. Stare if that’s all you can do. You’ve given the project that time of your day and you must see it through. Even if you get nothing done.


I hope this list of odd things help you when your groove has left the building. I find that these little actions help me when I feel drained and unmotivated. These things happen to us all, you’re not alone. It doesn’t matter if your a songwriter, a potter, architect, business person, glass blower, digital artist, or YouTuber. We all have days where the ideas just don’t come. And that’s okay. Let that day become the day you look back and say, “if I could do it then, I can do it now!”

Your work is a gift.
Keep doing what makes you happy.
It will all be okay.



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