Bookstore Change-Up​

I had to change where my books were sold last month. It was a heart-wrenching decision but I’m hoping that the outcome will be much better. I’ve been on the fence about Amazon lately. It’s nice to have whatever I want available at my fingertips. I’m a local shopper. I like to buy local first, then provincial, Canadian, and then worldly. It’s part of my plan to help out my neighbours first. I know lots of local artists, farmers, and weavers. I want to lend them a hand because I know how hard it is to become noticed.

While I was remodelling my blog and website, combining them into one, I got thinking about how I was contributing to the local stores here with my book. I have Wicked Soul Ascension in all the local bookstores in town. It’s great walking in there and seeing that one sold. I was working on the Book section of the site when I noticed that I’m contributing to the Amazon take over.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Amazon is amazing and useful. I love Chapters/Indigo/Coles. This is the Canadian bookstore that is widely known across the country. I then found that Barns and Noble is the equivalent in the USA. I have now put more attention into brick-and-mortar stores. Maybe you can call me old fashioned or Millennial. I’m just wanting to do my part in helping these companies with their businesses because I love walking into their stories. I love how lost I become in the worlds they shelve.

What is your favourite bookstore?
What country is that store in?

Wicked Soul Ascension 
Want a read that will get your heart pumping?
Available in paperback.

Link: Chapters
Link: Barns & Noble

What do you think?

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