Adoption vs Library

Mark and I have a wonderful library in our upper living room filled with books from all genres. We love all our books enough to move them from Alberta to British Columbia. Boxes of books are heavy, and we had many. Half of our belongings are books. Our library is bigger than our combined wardrobe.

With that being said, we needed to figure out what we were going to do with all these books now that we have decided to adopt our future child. We also needed a space for our child to play…that space was best upstairs. Mark and I decided that the bedrooms should be kept for relaxing. Our child’s, possibly children, library, clothes, and the bed would be the main focus of their room. So, where would they play?

The best place to put the playspace would be in the main living room. This way they could play while Mark or I made dinner, did dishes or tidied up. The only problem was our beloved books dominated the space. With adoption, children that come into the home might act out in a way were things get destroyed. This was brought to our attention during our adoption education program. We took what we learned and place that logic into the upstairs of our home. Although we are still waiting for the home study to be started we have already begun reorganizing our home. The library was the top of the list of our concerns. We didn’t want the books to be mutilated and we also didn’t want to tell the child not to touch them. Over and over. We want our upstairs to be a place they could roam freely without always hearing no.

Mark and I ended up dismantling the bookshelves and putting them downstairs in the TV room. It’s only a band-aid until our child becomes more comfortable with us and with the home. When they are older we’ll be able to put the bookshelves back in our library. Until then we are still thinking of ways to make our home as comfortable as possible for our future child.

We have a YouTube channel devoted to our adoption journey.
Here is the link: Our Journey to Family 
The link to the post about the library: The Library. Adoption Home Study.
Second Library post liknk: Adoption Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

I can’t wait until I can share my love of stories with my child. The library I’ve created for them is filled with many types of books that are funny and fun. I plan to make storytime into a bonding moment for us as a family. Trips to the library and bookstores, ah, I can’t wait.


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