Audiobooks and Novels

Welcome to my first Random Fridays. It’s going to be a fun little blurb about my different experiences all book-related! I’m excited to get this rolling.

Audiobooks and Novels
I’ve done a blog post about how I fell in love with audiobooks a while ago. This post is going to be the pros and cons I have found with both. I love reading in all types of forms whether it’s reading the newspaper, blog, or book to listening to people read to me. Peoples abilities always amaze me.



  • I can listen to a story while I clean the house, garden, shower, or drive. The hands-free experience makes chores and other tasks more enjoyable.
  • The reader can pronounce the names, sometimes, and words I would have struggled with. This makes the story music to my ears.
  • If the reader can switch between the characters voices the story becomes more real.


  • If I’m laying in bed I fall asleep…the story continues.
  • Sometimes the story is captivating but the reader is meh… There are audiobook readers out there with voices I can’t stand.
  • People don’t know your listening to a great story…and they start a conversation.



  • The physical copy! Oh, the smell… the weight! Nothing beats holding a book! I can also admire the beauty of the cover.
  • Being able to read the words in written form helps me learn new words and grammar that I might not experience elsewhere.
  • When I fall asleep I can wake up to continue where I left off.
    People fall asleep during movies, I fall asleep reading. It happens, kay…


  • While reading for a long stretch of time my arms hands sometimes get tired. The dreaded needle pricks in my fingertips.
  • Life seems to always find a way to keep me from sitting on the couch to enjoy a good reading session.
  • People don’t understand that when I have a book in my hands I don’t want to talk. Readers aren’t bored! They want to read! Come on people!
    I can’t be the only one that thinks this way…

These are some fun things that I’ve put together. I would love to hear what your list is for either audiobooks or/and novels. I read dark fiction and fantasy if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments. I would love to find a new audiobook where the reader has a unique voice.

Wicked Soul Ascension 
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