Giveaway! Get a Free Book!

I’m over the moon excited about learning about I have been nervous about giving out copies of my novel Wicked Soul Ascension due to how many horror stories I hear from other authors finding their book for free on some random website.I talked to an author friend of mine, Kolleen Fraser, about this fear and she pointed me towards this site. She said she does all her giveaways using Instafreebie. With The Ascension Trilogy about to have book two released soon, I thought it would be fun to give away a few copies of Wicked Soul Ascension.

So here is the link to get your free eBook of Wicked Soul Ascension:



For Blaze Nemasa there is no escape from the nightmares that hunt her. Hope maybe the only one who can save Blaze’s human soul.
Demons lurking in the shadows are only myths, or that’s what Blaze’s parents told their adopted child before she fell asleep. That all changes when Blaze finds out the truth about her family which burned alive in a house fire on her third birthday. A book of Sin drags her deep into the underworld where Blaze learns the truth about her wicked nature.

(Wicked Soul Ascension is a paranormal fiction book for adults. Be prepared to be sucked into Sin to experience heart-pumping adventure.)

What do you think?

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