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I didn’t expect to be linked to a book review when I clicked onto my Twitter app yesterday afternoon. I was floored since I always had to ask to get my book reveiwed. Being a first-time author is hard work. I want to get my book out there and seen without rubbing the cover into peoples faces saying, “Here! Here! I wrote a book! See!”

This shock got even better as I read through her review. I have an idea about where my strengths and weaknesses are in writing, but it’s nice to hear them from someone else that has a better understanding then I do. I am always looking to improve my craft. Without constructive criticism how will I ever know where I need to focus my attention.


**The clips that I have in bold below are from Cheyanne Lepka’s Blog.**

“Even though I found this book had a slow start, there’s a lot to love about it. The brilliant description and unique world/story definitely stick out in my mind.”

That slow start… Somehow I missed this when I was in the revision stage I had read the manuscript over and over. I ‘ve focused my attention on this issue for Mortal Soul Ascension.  I hope that book two will kickstart on the first note.

“Unique world – Now I normally read straight fantasy and this is arguably horror-fantasy but the world that I was presented with is both vivid and a little disturbing (I mean this as a compliment!)…”

Complement accepted!

“Instead of the same stock images that fantasy often conjures up I was presented with a world that is both unique and richly imagined. Moreover, it’s presented in such a way that the world isn’t overpowering to the story nor is it flat and undeveloped.”

Is it okay to be in love with the world I created? I know that it’s a bit, umm, well… brutal. I couldn’t stop thinking up more and more detail. The world was inspired by nightmares that I had as a child. I wonder if that had something to play in the world building.

“Vivid detail – As part of the unique world, we’re exposed to some incredibly vivid scenes. The detail was done so well that even a couple weeks after reading the book my imagination conjures up various scenes. My favourite part is that it is so subtly described that I’m not entirely convinced that she wasn’t injecting images straight into my brain (seriously, you have to tell me if this is what you were doing!).”

The vivid and subtle description was purposeful. Every time I wrote a scene I would lean back and feel it play all around me. What does it smell/sound/taste/appear/feel like where I am? I tried to activate all senses without being wordy. I even did this for the darker scenes. It makes me happy to hear that my world has imprinted on you.

Dialogue – I’ll be honest the dialogue was my least favourite part of the book. Either the characters sounded all like each other or they were way over the top (looking at you Hope). It improves throughout the book to the point where it hardly bothered me at the end, so I’m hoping that it’s a kink that’s already been ironed out.

Ah, yes, my dreaded time with dialogue. This is something that I have to put most of my attention in. I’ve been striving to make this better. I’m glad to hear that it got better throughout the story. Thank you for letting me know that my studying wasn’t for nothing and that I did manage to learn something as Wicked was being written.


Thank you Cheyanne for giving me a suprise book review. I had no idea this was about to happen. This was the best thing to open today. I am really greatful for the knowledge that you have shared with me. I will work on becoming better and expanding my craft.


C.B. Dixon


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