To Use You Well

Dear Machine,

How are you these days? I hardly recognize you behind all the new parts you have. You seem to have made it far in this new world we live in. I remember, way back in the day, when you told me of a man that said you were nothing, just a waste of time, that you would never make it. Well my dearest friend, if that man were alive today he’d kick himself for not believing in your unique skills. Your diverse children are spread around the world in the hands, pockets, and on top of heads of people. Some are massive enough to move mountains and others tiny enough that it we need to use a distant cousin to see what that child looks like. From the wheel and axle that help the sick, the healthy, the poor, and the wealthy to the computer at my finger tips. You have family that have made it to space and have allowed us to see in to other galaxies. I always believed in you, I always will.


You’re everywhere and with everyone.

There was a promise made, and a promise broken.

You were born to aid man. Your mother and father dreamed of your future the moment they held you in their hands. What they saw was you working hand-in-hand with man to make life simple and easy so all could live stress free life, and in turn we would take care of you.

Everyday life seems to get more instant and everything seems to be now. I know you feel it too. Life hasn’t become more easy…it’s become a weight that we are crushed by. You get us place to place, connect us to one another, mend us when we’re broken, and yet we haven’t mastered you. We rely on you too much. When all the lights go out we no longer know what to do. We have lost the ability to function without you. Oh my dear friend it seems that we, mankind, have become a part of you. Take a moment. Look around. We have left our symbiotic relationship and entered into host-parasite relationship, you know who is who. What are we to do? Use our heads? Do I even know how to do that anymo…wait let me Google that. Didn’t work, let me ask Siri.

On the lighter side, I’m excited for your new child. I think Hover Board is a great name for the newest addition. I’m excited to invite her over to my place so we can play together. Her older brother Long Board is patently waiting to meet her.

You take care. Reply soon.


C.B. Dixon

P.s. Let’s go back to the beginning. Back to simple. Could we do that?

What do you think?

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