Impulse Gone Pro

Have you ever experienced an impulse?

You’ve had to buy that object or eat that sweet or make your move? I’m going to talk about impulsive buying.

I am what people call impulsive. Once something is in my head I can’t get it out. It mostly comes when I want to buy something. If there is an object that I want, it begins to scratch at the inside of my skull and eat away all rational thought. There’s no thought about how much money I have or if I need that thing, I must have it and I need it now.

Well I have a solution to this problem. Yes. And it’s easy. Barricade all funds behind a solid wall and then don’t think about it…yeah right. The answer isn’t easy. I’ve been struggling with my obsessive impulse buys since I got my first allowance. For anyone that has experienced the thought of ‘I must have this!’ is one of the hardest to push away. There is no ‘why’, there is no ‘can I afford it?’ It’s all now and only now.
I will share you what I have done that has helped me. I’m not going to tell you it’s the perfect answer because perfect is an unrealistic word that no one can live up to. This is the path I find the easiest.

First I will explain what I buy. Gadgets. I buy all kinds of technology, from Gameboys to computers. It all started with the first Gameboy, then the Gameboy colour, then the Sony Playstation…it spiralled till I had bought all of it. I never kept the predecessor. I gave them away for free to friends that wanted them or to someone who would use it. Normally I would use it until I bought the next thing. Sometimes I’d buy it, play it for a day, then ditch it to the side. Game systems I used for a day or two before I beae bored and picked up and picked a book.

Now I am about to break my own self destruction.

We don’t need these things to survive. Wants and needs are to separate things. I went about creating a list of things that I want and then circled the things I needed out of the list. One was a MacBook Pro but I already had a Gateway desktop computer that I never used so why would I need another computer. I wrote myself a note on why I would need to have a MacBook. After six pages I decided that if I would like to enhance my writing career then I would need to evolve from my iPad 3 and get an actual computer that would sync with my iPad. There are two novels written on my iPad plus all my author info, my blog posts, every detail of my writing life was on the iPad. I needed consistency that my PC couldn’t give me. Beyond that, I needed a bigger screen, storage space, a web browser that showed me more then the mobile site, and it had to be portable (this being one of the multiple reasons I didn’t use my desktop). I then talked to my husband for his advice. He always gives me his honest opinion. He doesn’t say a blank yes or no, he gives me pros and cons of his answer. Mark told me that I was right. I needed a real computer, not just a tablet, to cary on with my writing.

I went out and found myself a deal. I bought the MacBook Pro with retina display.

People told me, ‘once you go Mac, you never go back.’
Now I tell my friends the same. It has done what I planned it to do. I write more often and am no longer frustrated with my little iPad screen. I can use full webpages and have access to a wider selection of apps. Numbers and Pages come with the Mac computers and I have used them to their full extent, I’ve only had my Mac for three days.

With all that said I will go back to the impulse buy thing. Notice how I wrote out pros and cons of what I would use the computer for? The list worked. It won’t be done if you go and buy candy or make up or a bag of chips. This is what I do when I go out and buy something that costs more than fifty dollars. That’s a week of groceries. I consulted someone who I knew would give me an honest outlook on what I wanted and thought I needed. With the cost of living on a constant increase and wages at a standstill, impulsive buys can be devastating. Once your locked into a payment plan there are penalties when you back out of them.

Ask yourself, ‘do I need it or do I want it?’

What do you think?

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