Stones of Life


Life is a balancing act between many stones of life. We each pick and choose each stone from a sea of rocks and test it by placing the stone with respect and tender care. Think of each stone you place as friends, family, career, and hobbies. Once they all work together you will find a inner peace. Not every stone will work. Experimenting is unavoidable. Think of it as going on a date, meeting a new friend, or even buying a computer. You can’t be sure that it will work perfectly the way you want it. Your date could smell or that new friend could be rude or that computer could have glitches and is rendered useless. You could focus your time in fixing the glitches though you will risk of taking attention from your other stones.


Friends support you through the best and worst of times. Don’t forget to do the same for them, they too are balancing the stones of life.

Family creates the base of the tower. When you mature it’s your turn to build on your own. Choose your own stones and test them. (Think of all the weird phases you went through as a child. I know I had a few.)

Careers are important, we all need them, find one that is right for you. Don’t settle. If you have settled ask yourself is it making your tower weak or keeping it strong?

Hobbies are those special stones that will glorify your structure with your adventurous and playful side. Could be anything you enjoy doing. Art, dance, blogging, writing, photography, knitting, sewing, or anything you can think of.

If you topple over, don’t worry, we’ve all fallen and will do so in the future. Gather your friends and family, they can help put all your pieces back together.

Now that you have all your stones in mind build them up. Is it a sturdy tower that can last the sands of time? If not see what stone is wobbling and give it care and attention. Maybe your not giving enough attention to one or to much to another. Are you spending more time with friends and not enough time for career? To much time on hobbies and not enough on family? The one I’ve come to see the most is to much time on career and not enough on family. Take a hard look at your tower and ask your self, have I balanced my stones?

We all have imaginary delicate towers that we hide behind a mask. If you see a friend, family member, or coworker, even a stranger, and their tower seems wobbly give them a stone of confidence. A small complement goes a long way.

How are your stones of life doing?


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