Faith Restored in Humanity

We humans can be vile creatures. It’s hard to argue with this logic. I know you’re thinking, what? You’re crazy. People say horrible about one another, to one another, and behind backs. My positive opinion of our kind as a whole has depleted over the time I have lived. We kill each other. Steal. Belittle. It has become one disgust after another. Chaos. And I know I fall in this statement too.

Now for the silver lining that shined down and brightened my view on our existence.

Mark and I were on our way to Horne Lake Caves, and we made a stop at Port Place Mall in Nanaimo, needed to buy a case that could withstand camping. We bought it and then stopped at a bench to put the case on. Mark, being the awesome man that he is, figured out how to take the Otter Box apart and trap my IPhone inside. Yay, success! Off to pick up our friend from the ferry, then the caves!

Or so we thought.

At the ferry terminal Mark couldn’t find his wallet!

We searched the car, around the car, remembered the last place he had it…Rogers in the mall…crap! Okay. Don’t panic. Try not to think of the $120.00. The Master Card. Where is it…shit I’m panicking. Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Oh man!

So I called CIBC Bank in the mall, a wonderful lady searched the bench and area. Still, no wallet. Mark and I searched the car, bags and area. The ticket man at the ferries helped by looked around the car once more for us. He told us about the lotto booth across from the bench. “Maybe someone turned it in?” He suggested with a faint smile. It was worth a shot. I searched for a number…nothing. So I called CIBC. Another woman answered, I explained, she put me on hold. Beep! Don’t panic. Beep! Breathe. Be-the ladies voice replaced the beep. She had gone to the lottery booth and asked them about the wallet. Someone handed it in! Fantastic. The wallet was in the hands of security and she called them to bring it to the bank. Amazing!

We told the ticket man we found it, but we lost our friend. While I was on the phone Mark texted our friend and he had already arrived and was in the parking lot. I looked around. We were all that was left in the parking lot. The ticket man asked what ferry he was on. Departure bay or Duke Point? Duke Point, we answered. He bit his lip and shook his head. We were at the wrong ferry. A twenty minute drive from this ferry terminal to the other ferry terminal.

We decided to pick up the wallet first, then our friend. Mark and I parked. Rushed in to CIBC Bank. Would the cash be gone? ID? Credit card? And there it was, his wallet rested on the back counter. The teller greeted us with a smile, we explained our story, she checked Marks ID to make sure he was the man he said he was…ID yes good start. She handed Mark the wallet, and he was quick to rip it open. There neatly placed in the large pocket, all of his $120.00. Everything. All of it left where it should be.

We decided to go thank the one who passed it to security and buy a lottery ticket.

Mark and I asked the woman at the till if she had found the wallet. “No. A young woman with a backpack found it on that bench,” she pointed to where mark placed it on the bench, “and gave it to me without hesitating.” The ladies smile beamed. She too was fond of what she witnessed. We thanked the woman again and then preceded to buy the biggest lotto pack she sold.

The view I stated earlier in this post…it had softened. Not only did that one thoughtful woman find our wallet and return it she lit a light close to my views and showed me how wrong I am. The team of random people that worked together to getting a stray wallet back to its owner lit more around hers to support her light. Thank you all!

To: The Woman Who Found Marks Wallet,
July 11 2014 3:00pm at Port Place Mall Nanaimo Canada

You’re a gem among stones.
Thank you so much for what you did. Mark and I were on our way to spend my birthday caving and all our camping money was right there in cash in that wallet. We had a fantastic time thanks to you. We’ve told everyone at the camp ground about what you did and how thankful we are. You’ve restored my faith in humanity, that’s not easily done, and everyone that witnesses the event unfold was blown away about how natural that kindness is to you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

C.B. Dixon

P.S You’re an amazing person.


3 Comments on “Faith Restored in Humanity

  1. I’m checking you out and I’m liking what I’m reading. On your first page, the first sentence your use of the word vial, which is a medical tube should instead be vile.
    My Best To You,

    • Thank you. I will change that right now.

      I’m glad that you like it. It’s always nice to hear that someone enjoys my work.

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