Dear Father Time,

Dear Sweet Father Time,

Life is not a race, please slow down. You are immortal and can with stand the tick of each second, minute, hour like they don’t exist. Me, I’m chained to the clock of life, bound to my mortal body count down. I beg of you, slow down. Each day seems to speed by like a blurred sports car.
Quick blink; June’s gone.
I’m almost twenty-four although I remember laying out on my trampoline, sleeping under the vast night sky, watched the stars twinkle and the moon phase. Ten years old with dreams of the future, seems like yesterday. There’s so much yet to do and now it seems that a year is too short, when it used to feel like a life time.

Pause. Take in the moment. The bright blue ocean with its morning sun light reflecting off its smooth rippled surface, the blue mountains with their white snow caps defining the distant shore line. The call of the crow, seagull, and tiny unseen birds. Breathe in the salty air, and taste it upon your tongue.
If you could walk through life you’d enjoy it more. Slow down. Relax. Take in the beauty of life around you. Take the moments you have within each day and embrace them, you will only get that moment once.

With rushed love,


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