Lucid Dreams…

Can you control your dreams?

Lucid dreams are really amazing. At first, realizing what was happening was difficult, and sometimes nothing would happen at all. Now, I can manipulate the dreams to my disire. Fighting zombies, ruling the world, you know normal things people dream about. The only thing I am still unable to do is change from inside to outside, vice versa. When I am inside I can change the walls from shades of green to vibrant purple amathist, but can’t add a window. If I am outside and come to a building. The walls are barren… No doors or windows. Empty.

When I was a child I had many nightmares and began logging them in a diary I hid in my closet door. They happened at least three or four times a week. After a while I realized that I could remember the slightest details. Then I wrote them like short stories.
One night I fell asleep and realized I was dreaming, lasted for a minute or two. When I awoke I remembered the feeling I had. I wrote it down.
Then one night the wall of the house was an ugly dull yellow, with the slight shift in thought it faded green. A dull ugly green, but any colour was better then yellow. I wrote it down.

A great website about Lucid Dreaming (click)

Every time you dream, write it done right when you wake up. Recalling the images of your dream helps you see the difference from the dream world and reality. Play with it, your dreaming. Have some fun. Fly. Breathe under water. Move objects with your mind.


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