The Creative Side


Working in a daycare my creative side is put to the cutesy test on a daily basis. The children love their art and expect new fun ideas. This sometimes interferes with my adult creativity. Mature art forms are harder to apprehend when I spend eight hours a day, five days a week, thinking of craft ideas for children.
The manuscript I’ve been working on is for mature audiences, and is an escape for my mind. A way that I can let loose all the horrible thoughts and twisted ideas. Everyone needs an output. The woman that lives below me yells at her man daily, I really don’t want my output to be that way. I love and respect my husband to much to yell and swear at him. It all got me thinking. My writing is my output, has always been, even when I didn’t know it. I had wondered why I would right such dark passages within my pages… I’ve been yelled at for being overly positive before. Always looked on the bright side of life. Why? The answer is the way I relieve my frustrations, fears, and release. Escaping to writing has helped with my anxieties and when I have became depressed.
After I figured this out I looked at creativity in a whole new way. At the daycare if a child is having an off day I would asked them to draw or build with play dough. Its been working wonders!
I shifted my eyes to my friends creativity. My roommate, this tall metal head, and nicest person you’d ever meet. For months and months I’d hear him play the same song on his accordion, singing it all over the house, and having it play over and over on his iPhone. It was tough, and a little annoying… then I got to see the video. Amy, the singer/song writer created a beautifully creepy music video. I really enjoyed watching and hearing the song in full for the first time. Those that put their time and ideas in to Amys’ creative blender cooked up delicious food for the eyes and ears.
Below is the video that Amy created, click the link to watch.

The Dead Man Is Missing
By Amyrose Hamelin

The Dead Man Is Missing

Music is in all their hearts, flows out of them with every breath. Each of them played with their own personality, you can see their passion, their love. I only know Andre and Amy, both are really nice amazing people.

Everyone has something to give to creativity, even if you think you don’t look at around you. How you hang things on your walls, how you’ve set up the room to fit the way you like it, your pictures you took and posted on Facebook, or the way you’ve done your hair. Most things we do take time to think about and readjust till it’s right.

Painters, sculpters, writers, musicians, and everything after and between. Excluding those who view and admire. Everyone has given something to the creative mind.

What do you think?

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