Facebook Page for C.B Dixon

I did it. Finally I have created C.B. Dixon author page on Facebook. Learning how to use it has been easy. What should I post? What cover photo should I use? These questions buzzed through my mind while I brainstormed. Will it be good enough?… I don’t have anything published yet, maybe I should wait till I have my cover art completed for my first novel WICKED?
Make it NOW. Why not? If I held back then I’d be losing out on potential readers.

After a fist fight with my self-conscious mind, I did it. First came the author picture. My friend and coworker Karlee picked it out. I handed her my phone opened to my profile pictures and told her to pick one that would be suited for what I was doing. She picked the one where I cut off my hair and was distracted from my college school work by taking selfies. It’s a great photo and I love it. Even if I now have hair down to the bottom of my shoulder blades it suites the page well. Next was the cover photo… That one was extremely tricky… A photo that I had taken, shows my interests, and relates to my writings. I can’t use the cover art of my up coming novel WICKED from the Soul Ascension Series, it hasn’t been made… What to choose? As I flipped through photo after photo, and believe me there are thousands, I found it! A photo I randomly snapped of a red spider. Loads of people fear spiders. I like them as long as their not on me. Wa-la, photo’s picked and posted.
On to the post’s. At first I posted how I felt about WICKED… Right now not so good. A good bottom post. Next came the synopsis for WICKED, just a teaser and will most likely change before I fall in love with it. That was good. Okay now exciting, something that people will read first to get their attention hooked and make them come back for more. Why on earth would I use my maiden name Dixon. So blah. There isn’t one ounce of pop in that name. C.B. Dixon, rolls off the tongue. People know the name Dixon, loads had the HB Dixon pencils in school, needed them to fill in multiple choice questions. Think of Benckhuysen, try to say it… Spell it, it’s hard. The post was a big hit.

Over one day I got thirty likes and its been growing. So far its friends and family, from there it will grow. If you’re an author, published or not, a Facebook page is a great tool.

6 Comments on “Facebook Page for C.B Dixon

  1. You slay me… An Author Page for a Non Author. Hey! Everyone needs an inspiration, I’m sure your book will be out soon to much acclaim. Keep writing… why I check out your facebook page and your author photo.

    • Hey ted thanks for your comment. So far on the last stages, can’t decide between self-publishing or going to a publisher. I’ve talked to authors, editors, and bookstores. Both seem to be great options if I play my cards right. I almost went through Author House, then with more research I decided against it. I need to make my decision soon, my novel is almost complete… Anyway thanks for the push. I hope one day you’ll read it.

      • Thank you I will. I need all the advice I can get on publishing, it makes or breaks a writer… Or so I hear. I know the content and voice with in the novel helps too. I’ve just come out with my writing, my husband found all that I did locked under my bed and has pushed me towards getting my work published. The blog and page is to give me insentive. It has been working, I write every morning and night. The in between I work on blog and page. Thanks for liking my page by the way, its nice to have someone other then family and friends expecting me to move forward.

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